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Like Chicago artists and DIY curators, we are scrappy and resourceful. To us, “no” just means “try harder,” or, at the very least, “try it another way.” So while our Kickstarter wasn’t successful this year, we haven’t given up on raising some extra dough for our hardworking event producers.

 You can still donate to 2FR 2014, AND you can still get those sweet rewards for donating.

Check out our donation page for complete details.

Fund our 2014 Kickstarter: Double or Nothing (Literally)

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So, the good news is, we’ve managed to raise $850 via Kickstarter thus far (Hooray! Thanks, everyone!) The bad news is, according to the ironclad rules of Kickstarter, if we don’t raise our goal amount by the deadline, we lose all of the donations. This means that we have little more than 1 day to raise the remaining $1,150. Tricky, but not impossible. We did the math (Please be impressed. Math is not our best subject.) and determined that we can totally make $1,150 if ~77 of you donate $15, or if 50 of you donate $30. That’s ~77 sit-down lunches or 50 Urban Outfitters T-shirts that, let’s be real, you don’t really need. So why not throw that money away on something we can all enjoy?

You didn’t want that black bean burger anyway.

Done here:

Volunteer Task Force, Assemble!

2nd Floor Rear 2014 needs a fleet of outstanding volunteers to make their third year the smoothest and sexiest yet!

Do you ❤ ART? Does you resume need an extracurricular? Do you wanna shmooze with Chicago’s hot new thangs? Are you a generous soul with some time to donate? If you said “yes” to any of these (out-loud or in your head) then this position is right for you!

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Don’t Panic!



The dreaded Winter Vortex is upon us, and with that comes cancelled meetings, emergency grocery shopping, and panic naps. But not to worry! We’re working hard to put 2FR 2014’s schedule of events together. If you sent us a proposal and still haven’t heard back, expect an email within the next 24 hours. We promise!

Your $$ –> Our $$ –> Chicago Artists’ $$ = Sharing the Love

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Donate by clicking here.

In case that blogpost title is a little cryptic for you, let us ‘splain our funding structure for this year:

Thanks to the generous support of the Propeller Fund, our general costs are 100% covered! (Everyone cheer a little cheer! Do a happy dance!) But that doesn’t mean that everyone gets a financial break. Festival participants–the curators, artists, and cultural producers orchestrating each event–still foot the bill for their respective projects. (Example: Jane hosts an exhibition opening at her space for 2nd Floor Rear 2014. Jane pays for installation, refreshments, damages, and any other event-specific costs.)

We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign for 2nd Floor 2014, but this time, all the money we raise goes back to the people producing the events. In addition to waiving the standard participation fee and hosting a special community-building event for our artists and producers, we’ll be able to offer special stipends to offset production and hospitality costs for participants. 2nd Floor believes that what is good for the artist-goose is good for the audience-gander; the more financially accessible a festival is for its producers, the more 100% free it can be for the audience. Everyone wins. *Toss hats in air Mary Tyler Moore-style.*

If we don’t raise the entire amount ($2000) by Saturday, Jan. 18, 12:01 CST, we won’t get any Kickstarter monies, and neither will our event producers and artists. Tough, but that’s how Kickstarter rolls. So pledge now! We will be your friend forever!

P.S. Did we mention that the Kickstarter rewards are actually good this year?