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Pink Eye I 06
PiNK EYE Collective, PiNK EYE: New Classics Vol. I, installation and pop-up bar, installation (pictured here) by Sofia Moreno | Photo: Laura Mitchell


When persons, groups, sets of ideas, etc., move from one level or style of organization or regulation of the interdependence of their parts or elements to another level, there has to be an [interval] when the past is momentarily negated, suspended, or abrogated, and the future has not yet begun. There is an instant of pure potentiality when everything trembles in the balance.

Victor Turner, “Liminal to Liminoid in Play, Flow, and Ritual”

Hello Friend,

2nd Floor Rear isn’t just about bringing great work to the public. It’s about building creative communities and advocating for artistic labor. Each year, over half of our total budget goes to paid creative labor and artists’ support. We also buy and rent locally whenever possible, targeting businesses and community organizations that reflect our values.

In other words, we don’t just throw a great art party. We invest in local culture.

There couldn’t be a more critical time to contribute to 2nd Floor Rear’s efforts. Truly. Creative laborers are always vulnerable to precarious conditions of market forces. While we can’t predict the future, the recent radical changes in the political administration portend a divestment from the culture sector. In this liminal moment between the scrappy optimism of the festival’s past and the uncertainty of what’s to come, the future of 2nd Floor Rear—its staff, the artists it features, and the audience it touches—does indeed tremble in the balance. Now more than ever, we aspire to bring the public low or no-cost accessible arts programming that is aesthetically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially edifying. Now more than ever, we want to financially invest in the people who work so hard to make the festival happen, and in so doing, invest in this city’s cultural richness. 

We work with a shoestring budget, so any amount helps. $5,000 covers bare minimum costs and provides income for key contract staff. If we reach our $11,500 goal, we get to pay local arts educators to create interactive educational programming, and we get to provide some financial support to the artists running the events that make up 2nd Floor Rear.

2nd Floor Rear is, and always has been, a group effort. Donors are critical to that effort. Click the button below, take all of 90 seconds to pledge an amount, and make something beautiful happen with us this February.

We’re so glad you are with us. 

♥ Much love,
Katie Waddell, Director



*Thanks to Goodcity, our fiscal sponsor, all contributions to this campaign are tax-deductible

You can also help out by:

Donating Stuff

We have an Amazon Wishlist, but we’ll also be happy to take any of the following items off your hands:

  • A gently used sewing machine
  • Loaded Ventra cards

Donating Space

Got some space (a business? an empty lot? a room in your apartment?) that you wouldn’t mind donating for a couple hours or more? Is it a 15-minute walk or less from a Blue or Pink Line station? We’d love to fill it up with festival programming. Email us with details at

Donating Time

Want to volunteer? We’ll need plenty of help before the festival running errands, distributing posters, making things, and more. Our event producers might also need help running during the festival. Just email us with some details about yourself and how you’d like to help at


Are You a Business?

Want to really make an impact on Chicago artists and communities? Learn more about the benefits of sponsorship. We’re currently updating our sponsorship kit. In the meantime, you can email us at to learn more.

You can also help us cut costs with in-kind donations. We need printing services, sewing supplies and other materials, and refreshments for volunteer hospitality and festival events. Email us at to pitch in.

Yes, all cash and in-kind donations are 100% tax-deductible.