Opening Ceremony

You are cordially invited to join 2FR Director and A*Haul for a special opening ribbon-cutting (or banner driving-through?) and Miller High Life-drinking ceremony at the plaza at Milwaukee and Diversey (right in front of Crown Liquors) to kick off this year’s events. See you there in less than an hour!


Time Change

Playtime is About You! will run 3-7pm today, not 2-8 as originally scheduled. Please make a note of the change!


Guide Error

The numbers on the map side of the guide are all off by one after #11. Please check the schedule side of the guide for correct addresses!

Welcome to 2nd Floor Rear 2015!

2nd floor version 5 letter

2nd Floor Rear is an annual festival of art in experimental contexts, apartment galleries, and ephemeral and migrant projects, celebrating Chicago’s vibrant community of alternative and DIY art spaces. This year’s festival is comprised of 25 events scheduled concurrently and back-to-back. 2nd Floor Rear 2015 will run continuously, late into Saturday night and throughout the following morning, afternoon, and evening. Expect visual art, theater, installations, new media, performances, puppetry, workshops, social practice, and more.

The curatorial premise for 2nd Floor Rear 2015 is part feeling, part idea; it’s Chicagoans’ annual substitution of “stay warm” for “see you later”. It’s also the hypnotic quiet at winter’s core that makes the season’s deep melancholy savorable. In the midst of another winter, we sought forms of art that might warm us, draw us in, and make us stay. Continue reading Welcome to 2nd Floor Rear 2015!