Silvia Vasilescu

Our fabulous designer, responsible for the design of all logos, graphics, and print material.

Mia Lopez

The extraordinary doer of things! Now doing even better things for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.


Alex Nagel

Robert Demakis

Slaveya Minkova


Team Banner Construction

Could not have made all those little triangles without you.

2FRflags3 2FRflags4


Megan, Mia, Kate, Laura, Yishai, Jason, Katrina, Ian, and Andrew B. You guys are the best, as always.



A huge thanks to all our friends who supported our 2013 Kickstarter campaign!

Andi Crist

Brandi Kulakowski

Celina Guerrero

Chase Couch

Danica Willard Sachs

Dao Nguyen

Elizabeth Alley

Emily Green

Ian Ostrowski

Jarl Mohn

James Lipshaw

Kate Brown

Kate Korroch

Kate Zeller

Katrina Mohn + Jason Graber

Kris Lenz

Leah Oren

Mallory Qualls

Meghan McMahon

Mike Paulucci

Patrick G. Putze 

Rachel Wolff

Rebecca Ellefson

Steven Frost

Tony Lewis

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