The Garden Apartment: Precious Moments       

2318 N. Sacramento Ave.

Pop-up exhibition; lecture at 4pm


Casa Duno @ Reform Objects:  Nora Nieves and Matthew Schlagbaum:  Amulets and Heirlooms

Reform objects, 2620 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Pop-up exhibition; reception 6-9pm


Society of Smallness: Society of  Smallness and Clutch present Unsuspicious Activity Around an Attended Package / Floating Drawings  by Alexis Petroff

Wandering. Follow on Twitter for locations. Hashtags: #SOS, #Clutch and #2ndfloor

Mini-gallery and performance

SOS and Clutch Itinerary:

11:00a—12:30p Lunch, Lula’s in Logan Square, 2537 N. Kedzie

12:30p—1p Amulets and Heirlooms Reform Objects, 2620 N. Milwaukee

1-130p— Back room projects presents: balanced and stacked, Uncharted Books, 2630  N. Milwaukee

1:45—2:15 Abbéy Odunlami: Situation # 2 dinner with photographers, Logan Square Blue Line, NW platform

2:15—2:30 Riding CTA Blue Line to Wicker Park

2:30—3p Will try to catch Lisa Vinebaum: New Demands? Wandering along Milwaukee Ave. bet Logan Square and California

3:00—3:30p Chiara Galimberti: If  You See Something, Say Something: 99 Red Balloons, Wicker Park Fountain

3:30—3:45p Back on CTA en route to The Garden Apartment Precious Moments show/lecture

4:00—5:00p The Garden Apartment, Precious Moments, lecture at 4pm, 2318 N. Sacramento

5:00—6:00p Adult Contemporary: Stranger Danger, 2351 N. Milwaukee

6:00—7:00p LAWN* Gallery: Conophone and Inyard/Outyard, 2823 N. Albany

7:00—9:00p Dinner and drinks, TBD (will be tweeting and posting on FB for updates)

9:00—10:00p Tony Balko at the STOREFRONT: Party On, Pedestal, 2606 N. California

10:00—11:00p Above Market Apartment Gallery: For a Private Space, 3057 Kimball Ave #2F

11:00—12:00a Autotelic {Studios}: Open Studios & Coffee Colloquy, 2959 N. Springfield

12:00—1:00a itsa_pony! projects: Jesse Malmed — Mic Check & Roasty Toasty Snooze ‘N’ Booze Theater, 2844 W. Dickens Ave., will try to be there!


Autotelic {Studios}: Open Studios

2959 N. Springfield Ave.

Open studios


Abbéy Odunlami: Situation # 2: the commodification of culture & food  (a public potluck)

Logan Square Blue Line Station, Northwest platform

Site-specific interactive performance

1pm-3pm; 3pm-6pm

 back room projects presents: balance and stack

1-3 Uncharted Books, 2630 N. Milwaukee; 3-6 New Wave Coffee, 2557 N. Milwaukee

Mini-pop-up gallery


Lisa Vinebaum: New Demands?

Wandering Milwaukee Ave. between California and Logan Square stations

Perambulatory public performance


Chiara Galimberti: If  You See Something, Say Something: 99 Red Balloons

Wicker Park fountain

Site-specific installation


Hard Gallery: Meandering: An Art Show Based on Astro-Turf

2909 N. Troy St., Apt. 2



Adult Contemporary: Stranger Danger

2351 N. Milwaukee Ave.



Lawn Gallery*: Conophone and Inyard/Outyard

2823 N. Albany Ave. LAWN

Exhibition & sound installation


Tony Balko at the STOREFRONT: Party On, Pedestal

2606 N. California Ave.

Exhibition and performance; performance @ 9pm


Happy Collaborationists: Happy Collaborationists present Mothergirl’s Two Women Do Three Things

1254 N. Nobel Ave.



Above Market Apartment Gallery: For a Private Space

3057 Kimball Ave. Apt. #2F


11:30pm- 12:30am              

L.C. Johnson and K. Lenz present: Forgiving Resurrections

3060 W. Cortland Ave. 1st Floor

Pop-up exhibition and performance, performance around midnight



itsa_pony! projects

itsa_pony presents: Jesse Malmed: Mic Check

12:30am-2am; performance at 1am

Video and conversational karaoke

Roasty Toasty Snooze N Booze Theater


Movie Marathon

Both events  @ 2844 W. Dickens Ave. 1st Floor


Autotelic {Studios}: Coffee Colloquy

2959 N. Springfield Ave.

Open kitchen


Big Forever: Foggy Morning

1430 N. Washtenaw Ave.

Breakfast music show


Logan Square Farmer’s Market

Congress Theater, 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Indoor Farmer’s Market; TBA pop-up booth


Elastic: Elastic Arts presents Greg Shirilla’s Animalis Propensio and Miniature Golf

2830 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Floor

Exhibition and all-ages miniature golf


Click here for printable schedule + map           

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