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Art-hopping in obscure locations can be a lot of work, so here are a few tips to make traveling easier.




You can download a printable festival schedule and general map here:

Download our 2015 festival guide here!

Or this link will take you to our Google map, complete with exact festival locations.

Can’t tell if you’ve got the right place? Look for the homemade pennant banners marking each location. They look like this:



And look for signs that look like this:






While many of the festival locations are within walking distance from one another, you might need a little extra help getting from place to place. All of our festival locations are within walking distance from the Blue Line. The Damen (50), Kedzie/California (52), Milwaukee (56), North (72), Armitage (73), Fullerton (74), and Kimball (82) buses might come in handy also.

Maps of CTA routes can be found here:

Track buses via the bus tracker:

Track trains via the train tracker:

Figure out how much this will cost  (hint hint: an unlimited day pass is $10)



Taxis and Car Services


Lyft is a rideshare service (of sorts) that allows you to summon a ride using your phone. It’s safe and easy to use. Download the app to your phone via the app store or Lyft’s website:

Bonus points: If you are new to Lyft, you can use this promo code S9Y75B to score $25 worth of Lyft credits. After downloading the app, go to the ‘Payment’ tab and enter the code under the ‘Lyft Credits’ section. Just remember to enter the promo code before you order your first ride or you will not get the credits. (P.S. Every time someone uses this promo code, one of our very own 2nd Floor Rear artists gets a bonus, ’cause she’s also a Lyft driver. Win-win.)


Hailo is an app specifically for Chicago Taxis. Download via the app store or Hailo’s website:

Cab Companies

Or you could just do it the old-fashioned way.

Yellow Cab   312-829-4222

Flash Cab   773-561-4444

We highly recommend you download any apps and store cab company phone numbers in your contacts before you join in on the festivities. 




It is going to be sunny but slushy. We recommend comfortable, weather-resistant shoes. Bringing an extra pair of socks can’t hurt either. Here are some more helpful tips for keeping your feet dry and warm.

When in doubt, remember this formula: Chicago winters = Comfort > Style.



Where to Crash

Nowhere to stay, but don’t wanna go home?

Book a room with Air BnB Chicago:–IL

Couch Surf:

If you are over 18 and not from the Chicago area (i.e. the zip code on your driver’s license doesn’t start with ’60’), book a bed in Wicker Park at Urban Holiday Lofts:



Misc. Tips

Carry a little cash

Many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Chicago are cash-only, or have a steep minimum for credit cards.

Travel in groups

It’s just safer that way.

Don’t hitchhike or accept rides from people you don’t know.

Seriously. It is not 1950-whatever, and you are not Jack Kerouac. Just don’t.

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