Pop-up Art Loop

Pop-Up Art Loop™ transforms empty storefronts in the Loop into cultural activations open to the public.  An initiative of Chicago Loop Alliance, Pop-Up Art Loop™ creates partnerships between artists and property owners, creating temporary gallery, exhibition, and interactive space at no cost to the artist in prime Loop locations. Enjoy photography, sculpture, 2D art, video and new media, installations and more. See what’s popping up now! Time: Times vary by location. For more information, please see Pop-up Art Loop website.


Chiara Galimberti

Site-specific installation

Time: Ongoing, begins at noon

Location: Kennedy Expressway underpass, near Sacramento and Wellington Avenues

For more information: http://chiaragalimberti.com/



Kiam Marcelo Junio: The I Am Project

Site-specific installation

Time: Ongoing

Location: unspecified surprise location

For more information: www.iamKiam.com



Anthony Stepter: Call for Artists

Site-specific installation

Time: Ongoing

Location: Multiple undisclosed surprise locations.



Peanut Gallery: No Loitering

Guerilla sculpture park.

Time: Ongoing

Location: Haas Park: 2724 W. Fullerton Ave.

For more information: http://peanutgallerychicago.com/



Tony Lewis, Christina Long, Silvia Vasilescu: Public Opinion No. 1

Description: New media exhibition. Reference: “The world outside and the pictures in our head.” Walter Lipmann, Public Opinion, 1922.

Times: 1-hour screenings every 3 hours:  (1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm, 1am, 4am, 7am, 10am)

Location: 2844 W. Dickens Ave.


Autumn Hays: Going Woods

Site-specific performance.

Time: 1-2pm

Location: Wicker Park

For more information: www.autumnhays.com



Casa Duno: Prescribed Meanings

Prescribed Meanings will feature artists who examine how we assign meaning to objects, how objects serve as mediators in our interactions with others, and how, through our relationships with things, we begin to understand ourselves and the world around us.

Time:  Ongoing; opening reception 3-5pm

Location: 3638 N Kimball Apt. 2, Chicago, IL 60618

For more information:





Happy Collaborationists present: Jesus Mejia & Ruth: Acts Upon Us; a portrait of light and wind

Collaborators Jesus Mejia & Ruth catalogue the affinity between motion and stillness in their sculpture, Acts Upon Us; a portrait of light and wind. The artists find themselves between motions: a pile of sand transcribes the blowing wind, and a mirror reflects the waning light. Without permission, the individual is moved by all else; a beautiful inevitability.

Time: Sunset (approx. 5pm according to an online sunset estimator)

Location: Pulaski Park, Chicago, IL (near the corner of Potomac & Noble)

For more information: http://happycollaborationists.com/



Roofless Records at Logan Square Comfort Station

A sound piece by Erica Gressman and live video mix by Katie Torn. The first installment of a month-long mini video and performance festival curated by Dana Basset.

Time: 5-7pm

Location: Logan Square Comfort Station

For more information:







Jeremy Bessoff @ The Milk Factory Gallery: From the Sea to the Stars

From the Sea to the Stars is a curated collection of short films describing the wonders of the night sky, the frigid mystery of the abyss and human-kind’s desire to understand their unreachable mysteries. Curated by Jeremy Bessoff.

Time: 5-7pm

Location: The Milk Factory Gallery, 907 Rear N. Winchester Ave.

For more information:






Carousel Space Project: New Wave Ladies Night

An exhibition featuring new wave music, painting, collage and performance & video art.

Time: 7-10pm

Location: Carousel Space Project, 1310 N. Hoyne Ave.

For more information:





Joshua Kent @ DEFIBRILLATOR: Of a Door, Neither Open nor Closed

“Of a door, neither open nor closed” is a performance of death and time. This new work by Joshua Kent, is the result of a collaboration between the artist and three men with no previous performance experience.

Time: 8-9/9:30pm

Location: DEFIBRILLATOR Performance Art Gallery, 1136 N. Milwaukee Ave.

For more information: http://www.dfbrl8r.com/DEFIBRILLATOR/ABOUT.html



Karen Faith @ Crawlspace: Dream Yoga Sleepover

Dream Yoga Sleepover is a lucid dreaming workshop and overnight sound installation wherein participants gather sleeping bags and listen to ambient work designed to encourage REM sleep. Part consciousness expanding exercise and part playful journey of fantasy, Dream Yoga Sleepover employs both therapeutic and aesthetic techniques to stimulate and support each dreamer’s inner exploration.

Time: 10pm-6am, candle lighting at 11pm, no entry after 1am

Location: Crawlspace, 1474 N. Milwaukee Ave.



Late Night Studio Stomp With Tony Scarimbolo and the Can I get an Amen Square Dance Band

Afterparty featuring paintings by Morgan Sims and Jeff Prokash

Time: 11pm-1am

Location: 1907 N. Mendell St.




itsa_pony! projects: PJ Party Drop-in Brunchfast

Whether you are in your PJ’s or last night’s party dress, forestall the morning-after walk of shame and come on over to my house between 6am and noon, where I will be serving a hair of the dog, hangover breakfast essentials, and post-festival gossip all morning long. Donation suggested.

Time: 6am-12pm

Location: 2844 W. Dickens Ave.

For more information: http://itsaponyprojects.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/pj-party-drop-in-brunchfast/

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