A one-day pop-up spa-like experience and mini-pool party

July 28, 2019 | EXTRA Projects at basic studios | Organized by Katie Waddell and basic studios

SoBroke House Chicago was a one-day pop-up spa-like experience and mini-pool party; a self-care day for creatives who crave affordable options for relaxation and rejuvenation. The one-day event was a playful homage to themes explored in the Tender Alchemists exhibition, which ran concurrently in the basic studious exhibition space. The idea for the event was seeded two summers prior to its fruition, when the curator, broke at the time and juggling multiple low-budget community art projects, was told that SoHo House Chicago was the only venue for legit creative networking.

From the press release:
“SoBroke House will be established on July 28, 2019 as a pop-up kiddie pool paradise in a decorated gravel lot. Designed for people working in the creative industries, SoBroke House welcomes a community of like-minded individuals, i.e. broke a$$ artists and their friends, to an afternoon of DIY luxury.

Two types of “membership” to SoBroke House are available: $o Broke and Extra Broke VIP $tatus. Both SoBroke House memberships provide one-day access to our pop-up party in the decorated gravel lot located at basic studios in Logan Square, and may be redeemed onsite at basic studios during the SoBroke House event on July 28. Extra Broke VIP $tatus membership is $5. Extra Broke VIP $tatus membership includes a DIY spa day gift pack with spa essentials (swiped from boujie hotel rooms around the world), zines or other multiples from local artists curated by Katie Waddell, PLUS a raffle ticket and two drink tickets.

Included in both So Broke House memberships:

  • A pop-up kiddie-pool party and pseudo-spa
  • Self-guided tours of Tender Alchemists, an exhibition that challenges the false dichotomy of luxury and austerity, at EXTRA Projects
  • An opportunity to contribute to artist Katie Vota’s Armor Archive project
  • DIY Printing with mural artist Syd Veverka
  • FREE group yoga class with Giana Gambino
  • FREE Bike Valet and diagnostics with Cyclical Motion LLC
  • Access to the So Broke donation-based bar, featuring beer, water, and a $o Broke specialty cocktail
  • Complimentary sunlight and towels
  • Good company
  • Sprinkler water

Optional self-care services available:

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