Sunday, October 27, 6:00-10:00 PM | Siblings, 2700 West North Avenue

What do you need to feel safe? What do you need to shine?

Armor at the Disco is a queer, inclusive, costumed dance party that invites the public to interact with Katie Vota’s Amor for the Everyday, a collection of wearable art inspired by community responses to the question “What do you need to feel safe?”

In Vota’s words, “My series of work on Armor for the Everyday centers the physical and emotional attacks people (though specifically women, queer, and non-gendered people) face in their day-to-day lives. What armor do we need to meet the challenges we face? Is it functional and protective? Or does it give confidence, bolstering us mentally to face what the world throws our way? As a queer, female-bodied person, there are any number of things I might want armor against…some onslaughts are physical, some emotional, some real, some imagined, some internal, some external… Armor can be anything.”

Co-hosted by the Siblings Collective (formerly The Condo Association), Armor at the Disco invites you to dance, dress, mingle, and chill with a live DJ, performances, custom party cocktails, snacks, a consent-forward cuddle room, wearable art, and general cuteness. Feel free to test out your Halloween look, or come as you are and borrow a costume from our communal costume closet.


Katie Vota is a Chicago-based artist working to create interactive environments and sculptural objects that engage viewers in ideas of play, touch, pleasure, power exchange, and the roll of the active body in shaping identity.

Part of the 2nd Floor Co-op Fall Series.

This project is supported in part by the 2017 Propeller Fund and 2nd Floor Rear.

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