DEADLINE: 11:59 PM, CST on Monday November 21

Located at 2921 N. Milwaukee Ave., Corner is a storefront project space created to foster conversation and community in the Avondale neighborhood through immersive visual and performance art installations.  Inspired by the writings of John Dewey, Corner creates a platform for artists exploring engagement and interactivity as an alternative to the traditional gallery experience. Learn more at

2nd Floor Rear and Corner currently seek proposals for an installation that will remain in the storefront gallery for the entire month of February, with a live, participatory component to take place in or around the space for any length of time on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

Essential Details:

Installation Specs

  • Corner is a white-walled gallery space with large, street-facing windows.
  • The proposed installation should address the entire space and be visible from the street.

Participatory Event

  • In addition to an installation, the proposed project should include a live participatory component. This must take place in or around the gallery space sometime during 2nd Floor Rear 2017 (Saturday, Feb. 4).
  • Ideally, the participatory component will draw local residents and pedestrians to the space during the festival.
  • All types of work will be reviewed, but preference will be given to projects with participatory components that incorporate storytelling, food, or gatherings, and that engage 2nd Floor Rear 2017’s curatorial premise. 

Additional Details

  • If selected, the installation component of the proposed project will remain in the gallery space for the entire month of February.
  • The proposer will work closely with Artistic Director Jenelle Davis and Founder-Director Lynn Basa to ensure successful execution of the installation and participatory component.
  • The artist(s) must be ready to install by the last week of January.
  • Proposals by groups and individuals will be considered.
  • Download full specs of Corner’s storefront gallery here: corner_specs


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