Welcome to 2nd Floor Rear 2012!

2nd Floor Rear is happening TOMORROW! It goes without saying that we are excited. Our Kickstarter campaign exceeded its goal. I (festival producer) am putting together festival materials for participants, frantically writing emails, blog posts, and trying to find a photographer, all while watching the sun come up. We finalized and printed the festival map yesterday. It looks like this:

Printed maps will be available at all indoor spaces. You can also download a schedule of events: ghid 24h spate and a map: ghid 24h fata beforehand. With the exception of some outdoor installations that can only be located by happenstance, all sites will be marked with a dash of sparkly blue ribbon and perhaps some blue chalk markings, so be on the lookout for those things as you search out some of the more off-the-beaten path sites.

Some last-minute SOS’s: we are still looking for a photographer who can meet with the festival producer tonight and commit to documenting the festival from around 11am to midnight on Saturday (you will be paid!) and the itsa_pony! PJ Brunchfast needs some help running errands before/during Sunday morning, so if you would like to pitch in, or are interested in taking photos for money, please email itsa_pony! projects at itsaponyprojects@gmail.com.

See you Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2nd Floor Rear 2012!

    1. Good question! These artists specifically wanted their work to be stumbled upon, in a sense. Kiam will be installing his piece in a high-traffic area, so there is a good chance you will pass by it on your way to one of the venues. Anthony’s project is going to be all over the place–chances are you will also stumble across one of his artist’s fliers on the way to a venue. –So these aren’t really spaces, they are works installed in public, in plain sight that are meant to be kind of a part of the environment rather than a destination.

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