Fun(d)! Fun(d)! Fun(d)!

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Hello friends, backers, and soon-to-be backers!

We’re in the final stretch now! Circa $400 away and 9 hours left to go! The suspense is killing me. Well, not really killing me, but I have to imagine that this is what it must be like to watch the Superbowl and actually care about which team wins.

Here’s a little blurb from the official fundraising email, summing up why the money is needed and where it’s going:

“This year, with 23 events and counting—wandering performances, an art gallery in a purse, conversational karaoke, lectures, and a breakfast rock show—we look to your support to keep up the festival’s momentum by helping us cover the cost of professional documentation, PR, materials, incidentals, and design. All of these elements are crucial to the continuation of this annual festival, as it ensures that we, the producers, and participating artists have a record of all ephemeral works. Documentation of artworks, professional promotional material, and a substantial web presence allow festival staff, participants, and volunteers to parlay their involvement in 2nd Floor Rear into further professional development, grants, portfolio expansion, and more.”

Now, some updates about rewards. I’m thinking that we might do heat transfers rather than silkscreens for the T-shirts. We have two designs in mind so far. One is that fab, Nintendo-esque 2FR 2013 logo everyone’s been asking me about (see below), by SAIC/itsa_pony! projects alum Silvia Vasilescu, whose stipend for her 2FR design work completely depends on this Kickstarter campaign. Another possible (albeit totally unconfirmed) option is some form of this rad Honey Boo Boo graphic, designed by SAIC Visual Communication Design grad Kellie Taylor (also see below).

Photo on 2-6-13 at 12 Photo on 2-6-13 at 12


Also, with sincerest apologies to my mother, I rashly promised on the Facebook event page to make an art critic (or curator) version of  YouTube sensation Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen if the Kickstarter gets funded. This was probably a giant mistake, but  no backsies, I guess. YOLO???

So keep funding all you night owls, early birds, and random lurkers who happen to catch this update before the intergalactic donation portal closes at 11:50am EST…

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…because patronage is magic!



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