Just a Little Fundrai$er

funraiser tote

Just when you thought 2nd Floor Rear 2014 couldn’t get any better–what with 30+ unique events including exhibitions, performances, parades, and general tomfoolery–it did. Oh Yeahyuh. In addition to all the great stuff we’ve got going on, we thought we’d throw in a little bonus for our most devoted (and charitable) audience members.

Here’s the deal–if you donate $30 or more to 2nd Floor Rear 2014, you get a special tote bag (see illustration above), which you can take to various festival locations to receive limited edition artists’ multiples. That’s right, you give $30, you get a special bag to fill with free art, to be picked up at TBA 2nd Floor Rear locations. It’s basically like trick-or-treating, but with art instead of candy. (Unless one of the pieces of art is actually made of candy. Not unheard of.) So what exactly are these free art items? One could be a zine, another could be a mixtape featuring various bands from Young Camelot, another could be an artist-designed bumper sticker courtesy of Trunk Show, and yet another might be a piece made by a 2nd Floor Rear Artist explicitly for 2nd Floor Rear patrons. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to donate to find out! Click the donation button below to make the magic happen.

P.S. Special art bags are limited, and gifted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Nab one by donating before February 1. We only have 15 left! Don’t forget to leave your name and contact info in the “Special Instructions” box.

P.S.S. There were a lot of surprise expenses this year. Even if you don’t have $30, any amount helps.

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