2nd Floor Rear 2014: Second Lives

From One to Another 09


2nd Floor Rear 2014 might be over, but the DIY art events live on! Napkin Poetry is a regular thing now, happening at Uncharted Books once a month. Jenelle Cheyne, Cassie Ahiers, and 2014 Assistant Director Karly Bergman are teaming up to bring you Table Manners, an “amuse-bouche of sketch, song, and weird sh*t, all unified on the female-food-culture menu,” every Wednesday night in May. Finally, check out the photos from Haptic: From One to Another, an afternoon of participatory performances by Aram Han and John Paul Morabito, capping off the Haptic exhibition at Adult Contemporary. 

From One to Another 11

From One to Another 16


From One to Another 07


From One to Another 17

From One to Another 18

From One to Another 19

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