Git Ready!



^^^Please enjoy this teaser gif featuring snippets from proposals and proposer websites

Hello Friend,

The proposals are in. Meetings are being had. Schedule-curation is underway. We received many impressive proposals this year, and again, we’re blown away by the collective intelligence and creativity. We are very pleased to bring you this soft reveal:

2nd Floor Rear 2015 will feature encounters, hangouts, feminisms, co-creating, improvisations, catharsis, embodiments, winter fugue states, and hopeful pseudo-utopias. There will be painters, performers, curators, amateur chefs and librarians, activists, carolers, crafters, and, at long last, puppets. 2FR alums A*HAUL, Inside the Artist’s Kitchen, Third Object, and Society of Smallness will be there, building on projects from last year. Festival goers will get to see work by contemporary artists Liz Ensz, Jeremiah Jones, and Ali Aschman, have an experience with conceptual/performance artists Carron Little and Dao Nguyen + Jane Jerardi, interact with collectives HI typ/O and Hideous Beast, check out neighborhood art spaces Autotelic Studios and Kitchen Space, and witness theatrical collaborations between Grace Needleman + Will Bishop, and Ann Kreitman + Shaina Schrooten. And more. Way more.

‘But with so much stuff to do and see’, you might be thinking, ‘how can I possibly fit it all into 24 hours?’

You probably won’t make it to everything, but if you do, you’ll do it in 36 hours. So here’s the other big announcement: this year, 2nd Floor Rear will run for a full 36 hours, instead of the usual 24. 2nd Floor Rear 2015 will officially begin on noon, Saturday, February 7, and end at midnight on Sunday, February 8, giving you two afternoons, two evenings, and one late-night to early-morning stretch of DIY art festivalling.

Excited yet? Stay tuned or follow us on Facebook for more updates. Join us at one of our volunteer-ins. Help us bring you the best 2nd Floor yet by donating to our Indiegogo campaign by January 24th.

Stay Warm,

Katie Waddell and the 2nd Floor Rear 2015 team


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