Our 2015 Indiegogo campaign closed on January 24, but the festival could still use your help. Check out the ways you can contribute by giving funds, your time + labor, or by letting us borrow some equipment.



We had a great run with Indiegogo, but we’re still underfunded. You can help out by following this link and donating directly to our Paypal Account.



Our artists could use a couple things. Email itsaponyprojects@gmail.com ASAP if you can lend us any of the following:

  • Digital projectors or flatscreen TVs (2 or more)

OR if you can donate any of the following goods or services:

  • Double-sided laser printing
  • Postcard printing
  • Colored legal-sized lightweight printer paper
  • Flour
  • Refreshments (food, drink, wine/beer)
  • Artwork (for Indiegogo donors)



We still need some help getting everything ready. Email itsaponyprojects@gmail.com ASAP if you’d like to help out with any of the following:

  • Poster distribution
  • Light sewing project
  • Folding festival brochures
  • Assisting artists with transporting works and materials


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