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Like Chicago artists and DIY curators, we are scrappy and resourceful. To us, “no” just means “try harder,” or, at the very least, “try it another way.” So while our Kickstarter wasn’t successful this year, we haven’t given up on raising some extra dough for our hardworking event producers.

To wit: festival participants–the curators, artists, and cultural producers orchestrating each event–still foot the bill for their respective projects. (Example: Jane hosts an exhibition opening at her space for 2nd Floor Rear 2014. Jane pays for installation, refreshments, damages, and any other event-specific costs.) So they extra money we raise goes back to the people producing the events. In addition to waiving the standard participation fee, we’ll be able to offer special stipends to offset production and hospitality costs for participants. 2nd Floor believes that what is good for the artist-goose is good for the audience-gander; the more financially accessible a festival is for its producers, the more 100% free it can be for the audience. Everyone wins. *Toss hats in air Mary Tyler Moore-style.*


How to Donate

Donating is easy. Just click the ‘Make a Donation’ button at the top of this page. When you get to the confirmation page, click “Add special instructions” and enter the reward you’d prefer, your name, and contact email. We’ll follow up with the juicy reward details via email.

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Rewards for Donating

As with our 2014 Kickstarter, we’re offering rewards for your donations, as follows:


Subliminal hug. Last year it was good Karma. A subliminal hug just seems more personal. *All rewards come with subliminal hug + a shout-out on our website.*


1 limited edition artist’s multiple or artist-designed schwag, generously donated by one of several 2FR 2014 featured artists.


Special 2FR 2014 tote bag, which can be picked up on Feb. 1 and filled with various limited-edition artists’ multiples and/or artist-designed schwag, distributed at various festival locations. Basically, ownership of the tote bag entitles you to an art scavenger hunt, with limited edition art prizes. Best. Scavenger. Hunt. Ever.

And if you can’t attend, that’s ok. We’ll mail you the tote with 3 pieces of special schwag.


Personal invitation to a pre-festival event, where you’ll mingle with 2FR artists, curators, and general movers-and-shakers, OR, we’ll mail you the 2FR tote stocked with every possible piece of art schwag.


Invitation to a behind-the-scenes preview tour on January 31, lead by 2FR Director Katie Waddell (or her evil twin), OR, a real Art, made by a featured 2FR artist.


Thanks again for giving to 2nd Floor Rear 2014. We heart your generosity.

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