Fund our 2014 Kickstarter: Double or Nothing (Literally)

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 4.48.56 PM


So, the good news is, we’ve managed to raise $850 via Kickstarter thus far (Hooray! Thanks, everyone!) The bad news is, according to the ironclad rules of Kickstarter, if we don’t raise our goal amount by the deadline, we lose all of the donations. This means that we have little more than 1 day to raise the remaining $1,150. Tricky, but not impossible. We did the math (Please be impressed. Math is not our best subject.) and determined that we can totally make $1,150 if ~77 of you donate $15, or if 50 of you donate $30. That’s ~77 sit-down lunches or 50 Urban Outfitters T-shirts that, let’s be real, you don’t really need. So why not throw that money away on something we can all enjoy?

You didn’t want that black bean burger anyway.

Done here:

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